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Speed Up the Sale of Your Home With These 5 Tips!

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Selling your home can be an exciting step in your life, and if you need to do it quickly, we have compiled a few suggestions that should make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Then you can focus on what to do with your life instead of how you are going to sell your home!

This advice is incredibly useful for those unfamiliar with selling their property, however please keep in mind that housing markets vary across the nation. A home in the middle of a very busy area may find a buyer in a few weeks while homes in less populated areas may take 6 months or longer – it all depends on the market that your home is in.

1. Get Help From a Professional Agent


A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually act as your own real estate agent. Doing so will save you the 6% commission that a real estate agent takes for selling your home. This would save you money and provide you with extra cash for your down payment on your next property. There’s only one issue with this approach though, especially if you want to sell your home quickly.

How big of a factor is speed in your home selling decision? If you put down a “For Sale by Owner” sign in front of your house and are expecting the offers to pile in, you may be disappointed. One of the major benefits the real estate agencies provide to their clients is listing visibility. They use their resources to make sure that as many people as possible will see your home for sale. If you don’t work with a real estate agent your home may not appear on the many listing services that show property buyers potential listings. If you decided to sell your own home, the only person marketing your home will be yourself, and that’s a lot of work if you are unfamiliar with selling homes!


2. Price the House Competitively


A major part of making sure your home receives enough attention from potential buyers has to do with the price you set your home at! If you price your house too low, you are leaving a lot of extra money on the table, however price your home too high and you will scare off any potential buyers. Local real estate agents are intimately familiar with your local market and will know how to price your home appropriately.

If you go without a real estate agent, make sure you price your home appropriately by hiring a home appraiser. They will conduct an assessment of your property and determine the most appropriate price to list your home at. Don’t just take the appraiser’s price at face value. Do your homework by checking recent properties sold in your area and make sure it’s competitive or else you probably won’t attract any buyers.


3. Make a great Impression with your buyers


If your house doesn’t make a strong first impression to potential buyers, interested buyers may ignore your home and look elsewhere. Keeping your home updated and modern will attract buyers, but even simple changes can help you attract more interested buyers.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels go a long way, but if you’re budget doesn’t allow for a remodel, there are a lot of other ways to update your home. If your home has carpet floors, replacing them with a newer, cleaner carpet materials can make a difference. Updating your décor such as painting your walls, replacing windows, doors, lighting and other fixtures can make a huge difference to your interiors. A modern kitchen can be achieved through some appliance replacements as well as new countertops.

Staging your property is key to giving a buyer the impression that your home is cozy, spacious and modern. Decorating the rooms with simple things such as curtains, rugs, pillows, art, and other accents help a buyer see the potential of the spaces in your home and help you get one step closer to selling.

Improving interiors is important, but the real first impression comes from the outside. Keeping your exterior in prime condition is important. Painting your shutters and doors can add some lively color to the home. Power washing any tiled areas and improving your lawn by mowing your lawn, and planting bushes and colorful flowers will make your home the envy of the block and get your one step closer to that sale!


4. Choosing the Best Time of The Year


You shouldn’t let time of year dictate when you want to sell your home,but do keep in mind that home sales are seasonal and there is often a slowdown of home sales during certain points throughout the year. The slowdown primarily takes place during the fall and winter months. During these times of year people are generally focused on family matters, such as back to school or the holidays, and because family comes first, they push back their plans to buy a home.

This all changes in the spring in the summer, as home buyers start aggressively looking for properties. If you still want to list your home in the fall or winter, you can! Just be prepared to wait a little longer than if you list during other parts of the year.


5. Sweeten the Deal 🙂  


So you’ve marketed your home perfectly, you’ve priced it to perfection, and staged it masterfully. It’s now down to the negotiations and you’re now dealing with a potential buyer. In order for them to buy, you’re going to have to sweeten the deal, but that doesn’t mean you have to budge on price! Giving the buyer little things here and there can help you seal the deal and make you stand out compared to your competitors. As an example, some sellers will pay a percentage of the buyer’s closing costs or purchase new appliances for the whole house. This can be an effective strategy to convince a buyer who’s undecided and just needs one last push to buy. As always, be prepared to negotiate when selling you home. Effective negotiation stems from understanding what your buyer’s core hesitancies are and providing them with a solution that can make you both happy! Pull it off and congratulations, you’ve sold your home 🙂

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