Unconventional Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

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Being an adult isn’t easy. We all want our dream job, but most of us work 40+ hours a week at jobs we don’t like for bosses we hate. The bills gotta get paid somehow… but it doesn’t need to be like that. Things can and will get better if you put your mind to it and take what you want from the world, instead of accepting the leftovers.

Careers are the backbone of successful members of society. You shouldn’t spend the majority of your waking hours in a career you despise. Landing your dream job may take a little work, but its well worth it.


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?


And be realistic, professional puppy cuddler sounds like an awesome job but will it pay the bills? Think about what you want from a job, what interests you, and what kinds of things you can offer your potential employer. Some people have this figured out at age 10, others can be 40 years old and not know what they want to do. Don’t worry about where you’ve been, but where you are going.


Develop the skills you need for success.


This one is two pronged, you need to land your dream job, and perform! Landing a job takes persistence: you need to make a resume, apply, schedule an interview, and hope you can convince a stranger to hire you. You need to be confident and honest, dress nicely, and try to say all the right things… but this article isn’t meant as a guide through job interviews. When you think of the bigger picture, the interview is just one part of it.

Some jobs require college degrees or specialized training to be considered. This is slowly changing. Professions like medical doctor or lawyer will always need degrees and higher education, but what about things like engineers or sales people? Believe it or not, tech companies these days hire for skills, not degrees, and there are classes and courses that teach people how to code in 6 months and send a good portion of graduates to 6 figure jobs. And if you want to be in sales, its more about skills like people management, negotiation, public speaking, and psychology that help you be successful in your job. And keep in mind some of the highest paid people in the world are sales people. Any skill can be developed, and knowledge can be learned, so don’t limit yourself to your degree (or lack of). Go out and get the skills.


Be ready to apply for a lot of jobs. But also do things to separate yourself from the herd.


I’ve talked to people that applied for 200 jobs before getting hired. I’m all for the hustle, but if you applied to over a hundred jobs with little success, maybe its time to change up your strategy. 200 applications and 0 jobs makes me think theres a fundamental issue in how this person is going after it.

Don’t just shotgun apply through job platforms and blanket the whole country. You don’t always need to move to a different city for a job. Maybe there are a few options close by, focus your effort on them and go the extra mile. Things like following up by phone and email after you apply, I would even try to get in contact with the hiring manager (Linkedin + Google research) and notify them that you’ve just applied and you’re looking forward to the interview. Do whatever you can to get in touch. Don’t just submit your application online and wait for them to reply. You may be shy, perhaps you don’t do things like this, maybe you’re not confident in your skills… but be aware of what happens on the other side. Hiring people isn’t easy. Managers get 100’s of applications to sift through and interviews to schedule before finding a winner. Getting in touch and introducing yourself can help you cut through the noise, and also make hirers job easier, saving the company time and money.


Be positive and don’t give up.


I did say applying to 200 jobs and getting none of them is a sign you’re doing things wrong, but its not ALL wrong. You need to have the mindset that you will apply to 200 jobs from the start, but also keep in mind the little things like following up and persisting after you’ve submitted your application. If 200 job apps is what it takes to find your dream job, then you better not quit until it happens. Just make sure to do it right.

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