3 Signs You’re Addicted To Shopping

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Shopping is a favorite past time for many of us. We love the feeling that comes along with buying that stylish new jacket, but we hate what it does to our wallets. Some of us take it overboard and become full fledged shopaholics!…Unfortunately being addicted to shopping can be a real problem, and you should examine your reasons for shopping addiction and work on finding a solution. Here some behaviors you should watch out for in yourself, and if you notice yourself doing any of these, try to stop!

Saving all the discounts and promos you get from stores


If you can’t resist clipping coupons or flocking to the store for a good sale, you should re evaluate your priorities. Don’t save every coupon you find, that collection of papers will sit there calling for you to come use it and spend your hard earned money on things you don’t need. If you happen to see a discount for something you need, its okay to save it and use it for that particular reason. But if you’re hoarding a stack of discounts we urge you to throw it out and free yourself.

Opening Multiple Credit Cards And Shopping Rewards Cards


Most people don’t need more than a few credit cards. When you start opening more for shopping rewards cards it can become a problem. It’s easy to become addicted to shopping. Besides the ease of spending more money and the psychological triggers for getting you to do it, there’s also the risk of spending money you don’t have and going into debt. Your credit score is a really important part of your identity and can affect everything you do from getting new cards to applying for a housing lease. Do what you can to keep your credit score high.

Having Unopened And Items With Tags In Your Closet


This one goes along with the first two point. If you can’t resist a sale and give yourself easy ways to spend and reasons to buy, you may end up buying thing you don’t need. Don’t buy stuff just because its on sale. Don’t shop just because you have a discount. Some purchases might end up in the back of your closet, never opened and never seeing the light of day.


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