An Intro To Changing Your Life With Meditation

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We’ve all heard phrases like “if you believe it you can achieve it” and are aware of the power of thought. Learning how to meditate is hard, but controlling your thoughts is the first step to controlling your life. Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.

Meditation is a powerful way to gain control of your brain, and extend that to other areas of your life. The benefits are numerous and can help you be more focused, less worried, and more peaceful overall. You will start to understand your own mind and the thoughts that go on in your head.

If you’ve never meditated before, this article is for you. The good thing about meditation is that like most things in life, you get better with practice. We all gotta start somewhere.


Starting from the beginning


Sit for just two minutes. Get comfortable, relaxed, and just close your eyes. Don’t worry too much about the small things like where you are sitting or what you are sitting on, just focus on doing it. Try to clear your mind from all thoughts. Don’t worry about work, family, or any other drama. The point of this is to practice freeing your mind from your thoughts and worries.

For the first few days or week, try to do this for two minutes first thing in the morning, every day. By the second week, or when you feel ready to increase the time, start doing this for five minutes, and eventually ten. As long as you start small and practice controlling your mind, the duration will get easier. You may even enjoy it.


Controlling your thoughts


Now that you’ve had some practice clearing your mind, its time to start taking control over it. As you sit there with your eyes closed, count your breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly for a count of ten and then start again. Let the breathing and counting take over for a bit. Your mind may start to wander, and thats ok, it happens. When you notice this bring your focus back to the breathing and numbers. Add this exercise to your daily morning meditation and your ability to focus will grow.


Being aware of your environment


As you meditate, take some time to notice your surroundings. I’m not saying to look around, I want you to keep your eyes closed and feel your surroundings. What background noises do you hear? Is there warmth or vibration in the ground? Is the wind blowing? What does it smell like? Notice and take in everything thats around you. You don’t need your vision for this.

Being aware of yourself


Not just your mind but your body. Sit with good posture. Feel the weight of your arms. Feel the gravity gluing your butt to the ground. Feel the resistance in your spine keeping your torso up. Feel the hair on the top of your head. Every finger, rib, and organ is connected physically and mentally. Feel it. Know yourself.


Letting your mind wander, but only where you let it


After some practice with controlling your thoughts, focusing, and awareness, you may begin to let your mind wander. Don’t just let any thoughts take over though. As with the counting breaths exercise, you are in full control of whether you want to let a thought take over or divert your mind elsewhere. If you choose pursue a thought (or thoughts), you can use your meditation however you want. Maybe you need to solve a problem from work. Perhaps you want to come to terms with a recent negative event. Maybe you want to mentally prep yourself for a big challenge. Whatever it is, control your thoughts and you will figure it out.


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