8 Pets That Got Stuck In Awkward Places

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Can you think of anything more adorable than pets that got stuck in the most awkward of places? Neither can we. To make things even funnier, many of these cuddly friends seem to be pretending everything’s alright! As if they don’t even know how funny they look…

1. Potato Chip Face


This adorable little guy was just hungry for some chips. And in case you didn’t know the best way to eat chips is by sticking your entire head in the bag. Efficiency > aesthetics. Except in this case she doesn’t know how cute she looks!


2. The Bagel Necklace


Little does this kitty know how stylish her new jewelry is. Talk about a fashion statement. We’re not sure if she wanted to eat the bagel or not, but the result is fantastic. Make some room on the catwalk for this beauty!


3. The Couch Cushion


“Oh hey guys, I’m just chilling in the couch. Just do your normal thing”… We all love a comfy couch to lie in, but this dude really decided to lie IN the couch. Maybe he likes the feeling of people sitting on him and being smashed against the not-so-soft part of the couch. Whatever his intentions are, we wish him luck.


3. Dishwasher Dog


Who doesn’t love an automatic bubble bath with Jacuzzi jets and all? Except we know for a fact this little rascal hates baths. So whats he doing? Well it looks like he couldn’t resist helping mom clean the dishes. What a good boy!


4. Hangering Around


Cats just love sticking their heads in places. This fuzzy little guy goes by the rule “If my whiskers fits, I fits” but it looks like it he’s been putting on some weight lately. Hey buddy, lay off the tuna! You used to fit in a size 2 hanger easy!


5. The Blue Saddle


Look how happy he is with his new saddle. Giving horsie rides will be so much better now! Who wants to go first?


6. The Boxing Champion


You wouldn’t last one round in the ring with this fuzzball. Unless you brought another box for him to stick his head through. He may not be a Boxer, but this guy definitely loves his boxes.


7. The Astronaut


I know what you’re thinking, NASA wouldn’t let anyone that young be an astronaut. But we just didn’t know how to tell him that… So here he is pretending a fishbowl is his space helmet and practicing for his first mission. The innocence of a child is heartbreaking. He just wants to go see Pluto…


8. Blinded By The Light


That really is the best way to get a closer look at the outside world. We know your just curious. No need to look so guilty!


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