The Cutest Valentines Date Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

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Valentines Day… ah, the day of love and romance. It’s the day we give our best efforts to for our partners. We may be married, dating, or in love. We may be single, with a crush on someone. Whoever you are, when it comes to Valentines day, the more romantic and cute, the better!

Your basics, like picnics and movie dates are boring. But they can be made with the right amount of creativity. Here are some things you can do to put a spin on the boring, along with some of the cutest valentines dates that you may just want to use for yourself 🙂



1.  Find a big fountain in your city. Go there with a bag of pennies and throw them into the fountain with your bae while telling each other your wishes. Yes, it may be possible that saying your wishes out loud can make them not come true (science has yet to prove or disprove this theory) but you can decide to keep some of your wishes to yourself is this concerns you.



2. Search the web for a yummy dessert recipe with your significant other. Go shopping together and buy all the ingredients. The make it! *DISCLAIMER* we are not responsible for any damage to houses, kitchens, or clothing that may or may not result from a playful food fight if it should occur. Don’t be afraid to let things get a little messy!



3. Try out a new hobby. If you are both athletic, try something like rock climbing or partner yoga. If you guys like to chill try something like puzzles or cooking. Want to develop a new skill together? Take an art class or music lessons.



4. Plan a weekend away. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go to nearby city for a weekend of bliss. It’s the thought that counts, and the fact that its just you and bae on your own doing things you love with the one you love



5. Have an indoor picnic. Lay a big blanket down on the living room floor and pick a movie to watch. Make dinner (or order take out or uber eats of you’re lazy) and enjoy the food while cuddling at your cozy indoor picnic.

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