8 Ridiculous Inventions You Have To See To Believe

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Sometimes you see such ridiculous inventions that you question its inventor. Here are 8 of them.

1.  The Mouse Trap Pistol


Invented by a Texan in 1882, this trap takes rodent extermination to a whole new level. Oddly enough, the invention never got big because people weren’t so sure they wanted loaded handguns lying around their houses.


2. The Mustache Shield


If you find your mustache getting in the way of everyday activities like eating, drinking, and talking, the mustache shield is your savior. This ingenious invention was patented in 1876. The main purpose was to, well, shield your mustache.


3. The Nose Stylus


Are you tired of using your hands when operating your phone or tablet? Fear not, you multitasking extraordinaire. With this simple invention you can use your nose to operate your phone while keeping one hand free for whatever it is you want!


4. The Neck Brush


This 1950’s Los Angeles invention promises to clean your child’s neck without the use of soap or water! The collar like brush will dry-clean the childs neck as he plays. Who wants one for their kid?


5. The Multiple Smoking Device


You can smoke up to 20 cigarettes with this device! Not that you should be smoking cigarettes, we are all aware of the health dangers of smoking. But it’s still a crazy invention we wanted to share with you.


6. The Shovel Car


This 1934 automobile invention was an attempt at minimizing danger to pedestrians on Parisian roads. The front “shovel” was designed to catch stray people rather than injure them. It actually looks quite fun!


7. The Wooden Bathing Suit


These never really took off, but they did promise to make swimmer easier with their flotation abilities. It was created to help promote a lumber business, but for some reason there wasn’t much interest.


8. Remote Control Lawnmower


Unveiled in Britain in the 1950’s, this technological masterpiece allowed you to sit back and rest while you controlled the lawnmower with a remote. With top speeds of up to 2 miles an hour, this thing was probably the easiest way to mow ones lawn at the time.


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