The Crazy New Technology Of 2018

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CES, the Consumer Electronics Show took place last month in Vegas. It saw an impressive almost 200,000 attendees from all around the world, and over 4000 companies. Many of these companies unveiled crazy new technology that is turning our dreams of the future into reality. Here are our top picks that you should know about.




Does anyone actually like folding clothes? In our opinion the FoldiMate solves a big pain point. Simply put your clothes into the machine and sit back as they are automatically folded and set into a new pile for you. What’s next, a machine that washes your clothes too? Just kidding. They have those already. The FoldiMate may or may not become a reality in 2019, I for one am crossing my fingers they make it.


Sony Aibo


This is definitely the cutest gadget of the show. A puppy robot for to keep you company! Sony guarantees this puppy will be cleaner, less smelly, and poop less than any other dog you’ve had. It’s also not as soft or cuddly, so Aibo may take some getting used to. It does have expressive eyes, voice control, motion detection, and intelligence downloaded from a connection to the cloud… so there’s that…


Deepframe AR Window


Some crazy new technology has the creative to make you step back and say “wtf”. This is one of those. Imagine being able to beam yourself into augmented reality, to be virtually surrounded by any kind of landscape you desire. The 64 inch glass window can display life size digital objects in a physical space. Just imagine the selfie potential of this…




Proof is a wristband that tells you if you’re too drunk to drive. It has the ability to monitor your blood alcohol content levels by just being worn. What’s next, a machine you can breath into? Just kidding. They have those too, its called a breathalyzer. And I know a jokes not as funny the second time around… But Proof is a great every day consumer focused breathalyzer replacement. Its small and elegant, which makes it something you could wear when you go out to drink or party.


Reverse Microwave


We all know the typical microwave, we use it to heat up food and drink! Well this microwave does the opposite, it quickly freezes food and drink. What a world we live in, soon we’ll be able to quick freeze anything right in our kitchen. This special microwave does not have a set release date yet, but we expect to see it in the next few years.

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