Have Type 2 Diabetes? You May Qualify For A $500 Paid Study

Finally, some good news for diabetes sufferers!

If your current type 2 diabetes medication isn’t working well for you, you may qualify for a new paid $500 study researching an already-approved therapy.

Researchers are looking for volunteers from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds to take part in an exclusive paid research study.

You may qualify to take part if you:

• Are Hispanic/Latino, African American/Black, or Asian
• Are 18 or older
• Have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for at least one year
• Have uncontrolled diabetes as demonstrated by an HbA1c between 7.5% and 10%

All participants in the research study will be awarded up to $500.

All study related medications, analysis, and lab visits are free. Travel reimbursements may also be covered.

So What’s This All Mean?


It means, if you have diabetes, click here and fill out the Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial Questionnaire to see if you qualify, and if you get to participate in a paid research study!

Yes, they will ask medical related questions – the company is fully legal and compliant with all data laws and HIPAA.

But Don’t Just Do It For The Money


It’s tempting to do this just for the money, but its important to understand that you are also massively helping in the fight against diabetes.

The entire point of the study is to find better treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and figure out how to make the lives of all sufferers better. You get to take an active part in the treatment and help diabetes patients worldwide!

And in your participation in this study, you may just find out better medications and ways to deal with your diabetes….that alone can change your life.

And you get paid for it. Talk about a win-win.

Hurry Up, They Are Only Accepting 1,200 People!

Paying people $500 gets expensive… and at the 1,200 person limit (quick math here) that’s $600,000 to be paid out to participants.

So if you are from any of the following states – California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, or Texas and also fulfill the qualifications mentioned at the beginning of this article….

Act fast to make sure you get your share of the $600,000!

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